Sylwadau Jonathan Edwards am syniad teledu lleol Jeremy Hunt

[…] Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards accused Mr Hunt of “living in the past” and said investment should go into Wales’ “three core TV channels” and also support the development of multimedia services in English and Welsh.

He said: “While we in Wales are looking forward to improved broadband access, internet TV and the future, it seems that the UK Government are looking backwards to the 20th century for their ideas on broadcasting.

“Outside of major cities there are unlikely to be the numbers to fund advertising revenue for local television channels and there is little indication yet of exactly what content is going to be provided – and why people would watch this when there are hundreds of other channels being broadcast and hyperlocal websites, blogs, local newspapers and community radio already available.

“Local TV is in nobody’s best interest. Instead of putting time, money and effort into Jeremy Hunt’s pet projects, we should be ensuring that the already existing core Welsh television channels – S4C, BBC Wales and ITV Wales, are properly funded and able to produce the sort of quality entertainment and current affairs programmes for which they are rightly praised.” […]

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