What is Hacio’r Iaith? (English)

Hacio’r Iaith is a community of professionals and enthusiasts who enjoy exploring how technology applies to and through the Welsh language.

Some of the subjects we cover include:

  • blogging, video and other social media
  • e-books
  • localisation and internationalisation
  • machine translation
  • APIs and mash-ups
  • education
  • campaigning and activism
  • news and journalism
  • hyperlocal and papurau bro
  • mobile
  • free and open source software
  • copyright and licensing
  • and more…

We meet up regularly throughout the year around Wales. Our events are run by volunteers and funded by our sponsors.

Hacio’r Iaith unconference

Our biggest event is our annual unconference event where we do idea sharing, demonstrations and practical sessions, all through the medium of Welsh. (If you’re familiar with unconference formats it is part BarCamp and part Hack Day.)

Our programme is user-generated, meaning that we encourage real participation and welcome anyone who wants to run a session related to technology and the Welsh language. A session can have two people or more – if it’s useful, interesting or fun then go for it!


The focus of our community and events is use of technology by Welsh speakers, through the Welsh language and also for Welsh learners. We may be able to provide simultaneous translation into other languages for those who request it in advance.

In Welsh, “yr iaith” translates to “the language” and “Hacio’r Iaith” translates to “hack the language”.