Blog gyda newyddion BBC – Betsan a Vaughan

Mae BBC yn newid eu systemau blogio.

There will, of course, be some changes. The design and navigation are very different. The text will look more like normal news stories or features. But the content will be the same. Nick & co will still each have their own page, and these will still operate like blog indexes, with the newest entry at the top. You can see how it looks with Mark Mardell’s page here which has already moved over to the new design. And part of the plan is to make these new pages the place where you can follow a particular correspondent, whatever form of journalism they are producing. So we plan over the next few weeks to incorporate correspondents’ tweets, if they have them, into their pages, along with some of their reports in audio and video, and also where they add “text box” contributions to news stories (see right). We hope that, together, these will make a compelling and new way to follow a story or subject.

Mae tudalen newydd am Betsan

ond does dim tudalen newydd am Vaughan (404 ar hyn o bryd)

Gyda llaw dim ffrydiau RSS llawn nawr, pfft!

Changes to the RSS feeds are something I should have mentioned earlier, and I apologise for not doing so. Whereas we previously offered full text feeds of blogs, the RSS feed of the new pages is headline and summary only. I recognise that this is clearly an issue for lots of people, and is frustrating to those who have been using our feeds. The change is an unintended consequence of moving into our main production system, which does not automatically export full text feeds. We are looking at the issue and I hope to be able to come back to you with more detail.

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  1. ‘Gwelliant arall hefyd:

    In addition, in our new system, comments have a maximum length of 400 characters. It’s my view that this makes for sharper contributions, though I know some disagree.

    Go BBC!

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