Diffyg barnau gwleidyddol Cymreig ar y we

Mae Gareth Price yn dweud:

The great hope of the 2007 election was the blogosphere. With Ciaran Jenkins’ Blamerbell Briefs in the vanguard, there was a new space opening up for people who were interested in politics to access more information and better debate. But four years on, much of that radical alternative energy has been absorbed in to the mainstream. Jenkins was sucked in to the BBC news machine – as have many experienced voices in Welsh political reporting (Tomos Livingstone (WM), Dan Davies (PA), Rhiannon Michael (Golwg) have all been absorbed in to the Beeb).

The Welsh blogosphere has been corporatised – all the main political reporters have blogs and there are more ‘official’ blogs than ever before – but these are largely broadcast tools, rather than genuine social spaces. Yes, they add some colour and detail, and I read them all without fail – but they no longer inspire me. What limited debate they generate is generally governed by a hardcore of extremists (see any time Betsan blogs on a language issue). Even WalesHome – the one web space which does regularly manage to provoke and challenge conventional thinking – has struggled with this election. The days of hope for the Welsh blogosphere were indeed (Blamerbell) brief.

Mae blogiau Cymraeg yn fwy na blogiau gwleidyddol ond dw i’n cytuno. Angen mwy o farnau “annibynnol”. Hoffwn i weld blog barn dyddiol yn Gymraeg hefyd. Unrhyw un? Mae cyfle wedi bod gyda Golwg am sbel..