Raspberry Pi – cyfrifiadur £15 ar gyfer codwyr ifanc

It’s not much bigger than your finger, it looks like a leftover from an electronics factory, but its makers believe their £15 computer could help a new generation discover programming.

The games developer David Braben and some colleagues came to the BBC this week to demonstrate something called Raspberry Pi. It’s a whole computer on a tiny circuit board – not much more than an ARM processor, a USB port, and an HDMI connection. They plugged a keyboard into one end, and hooked the other into a TV they had brought with them.

The result, a working computer running on a Linux operating system for very little, and a device that will, like the kit computers of the 1970s and 80s, encourage users to tinker around under the bonnet and learn a bit of programming. And it’s a yearning to return to those days that is driving Braben and the other enthusiasts who are working to turn this sketchy prototype into a product that could be handed to every child in Britain.


Eisiau! Mae’r stori yn fy atgoffa o arbrofion gynnar gyda fy ZX Spectrum. Newidodd y peth fy mywyd! Dw i ddim yn siwr os oes unrhyw beth debyg i bobol ifanc (neu hen) dyddiau yma, sef cynnyrch arbrofol a chwareus i ddysgu codio.