Wikipedia yn Gujarati a chyfarfod

For the first time, Ahmedabad-based Wikimedians (or Wikipedians) – as people writing for the online Wikipedia are called – gathered on Sunday for an informal meeting at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT).

The meeting, which was organised by Wikimedia, India chapter (WIC), registered in Bangalore, was attended by a total of 26 people.

Anirudh Bhati, a member of the WIC executive council, chaired the meeting at CEPT, Ahmedabad. “For me, writing for the Wikipedia is a passion,” he said. “It helps me expand the horizons of my knowledge.”

He said that as technology had penetrated into rural areas faster than the English Language, a growing number of people in the villages were using smart-phones to access information in Indian languages.

“Some Indian-language Wikipedias are already the largest online repositories of information in their respective languages,” Bhati said. “Regular community meetings such as the one we had today in Ahmedabad can help spread the word about our mission.”

Wikipedia ac ieithoedd lleiafrifol

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