Amazon yn gwrthod cyhoeddi llyfrau Malteg. Amser boicot byd-eang?

Amazon, Kindle a’i fformat caeëdig KDP yn gwrthod derbyn iaith arall:

[…] Chris Gruppetta, director of publishing at Merlin Publishers, said he approached in July, expressing his interest and querying whether it was possible to publish Kindle e-books in Maltese. Mr Gruppetta was aware that till then they only published in six main languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and English.

A representative of wrote back saying if the Maltese language consisted only of Latin alphabet and unicode – which it does – “you can certainly publish it through KDP”.

On hearing this, Merlin publishers immediately started working with an IT company to convert three of their top-selling titles – Trevor Zahra’s Penumbra and Nanna Genoveffa and Pierre Mejlaq’s Lejl – into professional Kindle e-books.

“For the first time ever, Maltese readers anywhere in the world would have been able to read great fiction in Maltese just by clicking on,” said Mr Gruppetta. would have kept 65 per cent of the income generated through sales of the e-books. The publishers would have pocketed less than 35 per cent as they would have had to deduct the EU VAT rate as well as the US income tax, since sales are generated in the US.

“Admittedly production costs of e-books are lower because you’re doing away with printing, however, there are other costs, such as programming, marketing and so on,” said Mr Gruppetta.

Within a few weeks, all the technology was in place and the trial runs worked smoothly. However, a few days away from the official launch, Mr Gruppetta was contacted by a representative of and was told he had been given “incorrect information”.

“We will not be publishing your book. Please be sure to check back in the coming months as we’re working to support titles in more languages,” the representatives said.


Mr Gruppetta said representatives of told him at the Frankfurt Book Fair that unless someone within company spoke the language they would not publish books in that language. “Apparently, this is to ensure there’s no pornographic or otherwise objectionable content,” said Mr Gruppetta. […] (trwy @iestynx)

Dyma beth sy’n digwydd gyda waliau a pham dw i’n meddwl bod systemau agored yn well. Tasai Kindle yn agored basai’n bosib defnyddio llyfrau yn unrhyw iaith arno fe ac yn werthu llyfrau ar gyfer Kindle yn uniongyrchol (ac yn gadw mwy o’r elwau) neu trwy siop annibynnol. Mae’r sefyllfa yma yn cam yn ôl o’r rhyddid ni wedi cael gyda llyfrau print ers 1546 o leiaf, nid gwelliant.

Yn fy marn personol i, dylen ni boicotio Amazon yn ein llyfrgelloedd, ysgolion a chartrefi ac yn mabwysiadu dyfeisiau sydd yn gallu derbyn Cymraeg fel default, e.e. Sony a Barnes&Noble ac yn brynu’n e-lyfrau a llyfrau printiedig trwy siopau eraill. Dw i’n siwr bydd cefnogaeth i’n boicot ymhlith ieithoedd eraill o gwmpas y byd.