“Cylch bywyd” cynnwys ar-lein – dwl


rant da

The BBC have been proposing for the last few weeks that they are going to shut down a variety of websites. They’ve prevaricated over what they mean by the word ‘close’. They aren’t going to delete them. But they are going to, oh, burn them on a DVD-R and leave them floating around the office or something.

The BBC have to save “domains”, by which they mean top-level directories. Because apparently, there is no need to still have a website called “election97” because nobody visits it, but the BBC absolutely have to purge the directory just in case they want another website called “election97”. Unlike IPv4 exhaustion, the next time you’ll need “election97” is 2097. By that time, I’m sure a disambiguation link from “election97” saying “If you want to read about the current 2097 election, please go to our new website” or somesuch will do the job…