Faint dalodd S4C am eu gwefan rhwng 2004 a 2010? Cais FOI (Dim ateb eto…)


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  1. Nawr dwi’n gweld hwn ond dwi’n sylwi fod rhyw fath o ymateb i’r cais yma nawr. Mae’n edrych yn od i fi.. cocyp neu conspirasi? Mae S4C wedi ymateb i geisiadau FOI uniongyrchol ers y dechrau felly mae’n od y bysen nhw ddim yn gwybod sut i ddelio gyda ceisiadau o wefan ‘What Do They Know’.

  2. Dyma eu hymateb diweddara i ran o’r cais:

    A. The amount of money spent each year since 2004 on
    developing any website/microsite or specific section within the
    domain s4c.co.uk, regardless of whether these were produced
    in-house or contracted out.

    I have considered your request to provide the information noted above and have come to the conclusion that the exemption contained within section 43 of the Act relating to commercial interests is applicable in relation to question (a) above.

    This section states that information is exempt from disclosure if its disclosure would or would be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of any person, including those of the public authority actually holding the information. To disclose commercially confidential information detailing the contractual costs S4C has paid for developing websites would, in my view, be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of S4C with regard to future contractual negotiations.

    The exemption in section 43(2) is a qualified exemption and subject to the public interest test. In this instance, I have given the matter detailed consideration, and have come to the conclusion that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.

    Website costs are categorised as being part of the cost of transmission and are not included in the cost per hour of programming. S4C’s Annual Report and Statement of Accounts includes financial information relating to the costs of providing S4C’s services. Please note however that this information does not provide specific costs for website elements.

    Ond mae’r wybodaeth yma maen nhw hefyd yn ddarparu yn dangos bod S4C wedi rhoi gwaith i amrediad reit eang o gwmniau, sy’n beth da dw i’n meddwl.

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