Ieithoedd y byd: sut mae’ch iaith yn effeithio ar eich profiad o’r Rhyngrwyd?

Mae’r Guardian wedi cyhoeddi dadansoddiad difyr o ieithoedd y byd ar-lein a sut mae pobl yn eu defnyddio.

[…]Some languages by their very structure mean that you interact with the platform differently.

For example, you can say more in the 140 character limit in Chinese than you can in English.

Research has shown that Koreans tend to use Twitter to reply to each other, while German speakers share more URLs and hashtags, and if you are tweeting in Indonesian you retweet roughly five times more than in Japanese.

Researchers concluded that different language groups use Twitter for different reasons: some primarily for conversation and others for sharing information.

Os ydych chi’n chwilio am gyfleoedd i wneud ymchwil mae llwythi o syniadau yna.