Grantiau hyd at $4k gan Rising Voices ar gyfer cyfryngau sifig / cymunedol

Application Deadline: Friday, February 3, 2012 at 11:59 PM GMT

A major part of Rising Voices’ mission to support and nurture underrepresented communities so that they can begin to take full advantage of participatory digital media tools has been our microgrants for citizen media outreach projects. Since 2007, these small grants provide an opportunity for individuals, grassroots groups, networks, and other organizations without significant access to larger funding to be able to pass along knowledge by teaching others in their community in the use of these tools, as well as to provide ongoing support.

Rising Voices is pleased to announce the 2012 open call for microgrant proposals, and we are currently accepting project proposals for funding up to $4,000 USD for global projects.

Credu byddai modd gwneud cais credadwy gan grŵp o fudiadau / cymunedau Cymraeg. Fasa £1,500 yn gallu talu am 3 gweithdy cyfryngau lleol.