Quora: Saesneg yn unig os gwela di’n dda

Mae Quora wedi bod yn tyfu llawer yn ddiweddar. Beth yw eu polisi nhw am ieithoedd?

Ateb gan Charlie Cheever, cyd-sylfaenydd Quora

Do Quora questions need to be written in English?

For now, yes, content on Quora should be in English.

The main reason for this is because content not in English won’t be understandable by most users of the site and so the content will be just noise. There also isn’t an obvious right way to topicize questions in other languages (Should the English topics be used? Should new topics in other languages be created?)

Once we get further along, we can solve these problems and internationalize the site generally, and then you should be able to use any language, but for now, the official language of Quora is English.

Things like “What does the title of Y tu mamá también mean in English?” are fine as long as the overall question is comprehensible by an English speaker. There are probably a bunch of other cases where it makes sense to have content in other languages on the site; use common sense

Gweler hefyd: rhyngwladoli Quora

Beth fyddan nhw wneud gyda fy nghwestiynau Cymraeg a chwestiynau yn ieithoedd eraill? Dileu?

DIWEDDARIAD 6/1/11: Yn ôl defnyddiwr amlwg mae’r pwnc Iaith yn “too vague”. Gweler llun isod.

DIWEDDARIAD 7/1/11: O’n i eisiau rhannu hwn, tro olaf: “deleted the topic Dafydd Iwan. Comment: Not English”.