Hargreaves yn galw am fwy o ddata agored yng Nghymru

Mae Click on Wales wedi cyhoeddi trawsgrifiad o araith gan Yr Athro Ian Hargreaves am sut i wella Cymru, yn bennaf trwy mabwysiadu agwedd ‘agored’ yng Nghymru a data agored.

[…] Which brings me to the main point I would like to make this evening. Given a choice between doing something in a way which is open, transparent and contestable or in a way which prioritises privacy, obscured authority or even secrecy, we should never be in any doubt:

Choose open.

Or, as the point is often put in debates about information and the Internet, we should set the default switch to open and then mitigate the risks of being open, rather than first and foremost worrying about loss of control. And we should use these open channels to design solutions around the expressed and researched preferences of users of services – of citizens. […]

Mae fe’n defnyddio’r gair ‘open’ 36 gwaith (gan gynnwys ‘openly’, ‘openness’ ayyb).

Efallai mae fe’n euog o ddiffiniad rhy slac o’r gair – e.e. dw i ddim yn gweld y cysylltiad rhwng yr enghraifft pel-droed a manteision data agored.

Hoffwn i drafod mwy am y ddarn nesaf sydd yn mynd tu hwnt i ddata agored:

[…] With open also comes plurality – healthy competition between individuals and institutions. The opposite course tends towards the concentration of information and power in the hands of a few: a real danger here in Wales.

So, we should be open to

  • Competition from wherever competition stems.
  • New ideas and innovation, even where change is painful.
  • The movement of people, ideas and culture in the confident belief that strong cultures learn quickly and become stronger as a result. […]

O safbwynt iaith dw i ddim yn siŵr os yw’r Gymraeg yn ddigon cryf eto i wynebu’r ‘agored’ (yn ôl y diffiniad yma) yn gyfan gwbl. Ond mae’n bosib fy mod i wedi camddeall.