Ymgynghoriad ar gyfer blogwyr parthed rheoleiddio’r wasg

Maddeuwch i mi am y torri a gludo, ond rwyf newydd dderbyn yr ebost isod, sy’n cyfeirio at gyfarfod heddiw (yn Llundain a thros Skype) a all fod o ddiddordeb i rai yma.

Mae’r ebost oddiwrth y Media Reform Coalition (MRC), sydd gyda pryderon ynglŷn â mesurau newydd i reoli’r wasg, ac yn benodol sut all hyn effeithio ar gyhoeddwyr bychan a chyhoeddwyr ar-lein, megis blogwyr.

Fe fydd Tŷ’r Cyffreidn yn trafod Siarter Frenhinol yn y dyfodol agos a fydd yn darparu ar gyfer hunan-reoleiddio y wasg, ac yn y cyfamser mae’r MRC yn cynnal ymgynghoriad.

I work for Media Reform Coalition, set up by academics campaigning to fairly implement the Leveson Report. We’re running a survey to try and find out where bloggers and small publishers think the line should be drawn for inclusion within the new regulatory regime and what they’d want from it.

You can read our explanatory post here and take the survey directly here. It’ll take around 15 minutes of your time to read both our attached info documents and run through all the questions.

Put simply, there’s been a lot of noise about the potential that blogs will be subject to exemplary damages, and we want to lobby the government to implement clear and workable exclusion thresholds based on turnover. But there’s also the question of whether, if the law is set up right, a new regulator could actually help blogs – and what bloggers would want from it if so.

I’d be very grateful if you could take a look at the survey and indeed pass it on to anyone whose opinions you think should be heard. Do feel free to get back to me with any questions or concerns.

We’re also organising a meeting in London at 12.30-2.30pm which will be broadcast on Skype the handle bloggersconsultation (I understand that if you add it to your contacts list you can listen in). If you want to give a detailed response which doesn’t fit within the survey, feel free to send it to me or to my colleague Deborah Grayson, who’s handling the data collection.

We really want to arrive at workable proposals can bring to the government, hopefully with a broad base of opinion behind it. So we want all input possible!

Sincere thanks for your time, and all the best,

Laurence Dodds
Content Editor
Media Reform Coalition