9 problem sy’n atal argaeledd e-lyfrau mewn ieithoedd lleiafrifol

[…] 8. The most popular ebook reading device in Iceland is the Kindle, but Amazon doesn’t sell ebooks in minority languages (and despite what Times of Malta says, this is a long standing policy of theirs).[…]

[…] Problem eight is another big one. The most popular ebook reader is from a retailer who won’t sell their titles. No matter what Icelandic publishers do, as long as they require DRM on all titles, Icelandic publishers will be locked out of selling to some of the most active ebook buyers in their market. […]

Mae’r erthygl hon o fis diwethaf yn siarad am Islandeg ond mae lot o’r problemau yn berthnasol i’r Gymraeg dw i’n meddwl.