Her i’r we gan gwmnïau ffônau symudol?

John Naughton yn yr Observer:

What makes the internet special is that it is a magical enabler of what the Stanford scholar Barbara van Schewick calls “permissionless innovation”. If you’re bright and have a good idea that can be implemented via software, then the internet will run it for you, with no questions asked and with very low entry barriers. At the moment, there are no gatekeepers who can keep out an innovator, no incumbents who can impose a swingeing tax on an innovative idea. But an internet accessed mainly via smartphones would be a very different kind of space – dominated by giant companies determined to repel newcomers, to protect obsolete business models and ensure that innovation happens at a pace determined by them rather than by the possibilities of technology and human ingenuity.

The danger, in other words, is that we move from an internet designed for people to a networked tailored only to the needs of corporations. This will be news, incidentally, to the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport, which – as the Open Rights Group pointed out last week – appears to think that the only role for government is to enable commercial exploitation of the net.


Sa’ i’n siwr yn union pa mor dda ydy’r erthygl yn yr Observer yma. Dw i’n dal i feddwl am bwynt Naughton. Beth wyt ti’n meddwl? Ydy e’n gywir a beth yw’r goblygiadau i’r iaith Gymraeg?

(Mae araith TED hefyd – ddim wedi ei weld eto).

Gweler hefyd: fy hoff app, meddyliau Berners-Lee am y we agored.