Cyfarfod Blogwyr @ Aberystwyth, nos Wener yma #aberblogs

Dyma’r blyrb:

Come have a drink and talk blogs in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre Bar on Friday 17 June from 5-7pm. (Yes, that’s this Friday.)
Anyone is welcome. You DON’T have to have a blog. Just need to be interested in them. There won’t be a presentation; just lots of friendly chatting.
Use #aberblogs to tweet about the meetup.
Joni Ayn Alexander (@joniayn, that’s me) — a web journalist at ITV Wales and journalism lecturer — will be hosting the meetup. She’s not from Aber. She’s not even from Cardiff (though she lives there). She’s from Oklahoma. (The state in America above Texas.) But she is very interested in people blogging, and is working on a whole PhD about hyperlocal bloggers. So please pop along and say hello.
The Digital Storytelling conference will be held in this area until 5pm, so if you’re a #DS6’er, come along. You don’t have to be from Aberystwyth to be welcome.
Gotta get down on Friday — to the Arts Centre bar, that is. 🙂
P.S. You don’t need a ticket to attend. They’re just to get an idea of how many people plan to come.