Gwasanaeth blogio Nireblog yn dod i ben.

Yn 2007, des ar draws gwasanaeth blogio Nireblog a penderfynu ei leoleiddio i’r Gymraeg. Roedd yn brosiect uchelgeisiol iawn gan ddau unigolyn o Wlad y Basg, yn arbennig eu hawydd iddo fod ar gael mewn cymaint o ieithoedd lleafrifol a phosib, yn groes i arferiion pob gwasanaeth arall sy’n canolbwyntio ar ddyrnaid o brif ieithoedd y byd yn unig. Diolch i ddolen ato o wefan BBC Cymru a thudalen flaen y Blogiadur, credaf i tua dwsin neu fwy falle o flogiau Cymraeg gael eu sefydlu arno (rhai yma).

Pan ymwelais â’r wefan heddiw, gwelais y neges ganlynol:

Nireblog close
The next meet July 9 Nireblog five years and believe it is a good time to close the service have been five years which have created more than 100,000 blogs in over 60 languages ​​and have served hundreds of millions of pages, for the last 2 years and could not create Blogs and the system had ceased to be updated.
This closure does not mean that blogs are going to disappear, we have developed a system to export your blogs or your own installation of WordPress, this migration preserve all your Posts, Comments, Graphics, … also all the visitors to your blog in Nireblog be redirected to the new address so your visitors will not notice the difference, however you will have your Blog on Blogs management system more advanced now.

We have prepared a simple tutorial to make the migration in less than 5 minutes.

If you have any questions please contact us at the address sending your new blog with a post created where you see an image you upload your new site.

We acknowledge your trust over the years.

The Nireblog team

Diolch yn fawr/Eskerrik Asko David a Lorena.